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Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. is one of the fastest  growing up but firmly promising to be leading companies in Bangladesh. This business wing will be one of the most significant concerns when this company will explore itself soon as a business conglomerate in Bangladesh. Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. was established on 01 January, 2020. Though Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. started its journey  since not so far past, it has already been able to make an impressive response in the feed industry of Bangladesh. Currently, a total number of the above 320 employees are working in the marketplace, office, and factory. We have a highly capable Sales Team, HR & Admin, MIS & Audit, Call Centre, Accounts, Quality Control, Procurement, and Production department.

Our Contributions

We Offer

Currently, we are producing all types of feed for the farmers. We are a manufacturer of Broilers, Layer Sonali (Starter, Grower, and Finisher), Cattle, and Fish (Sinking and floating. We ensure, the best quality feed through our experienced production team. All types of products are lab tested by the skilled Chemist. We are consciously capable to deliver the products within 24-72 hours at any end of the country if there is no crisis in the country. Besides, we are committed to rearranging our services if anywhere, any question arises. all types of products are lab tested by the skilled Chemist

Poulty Feed

Feed plays a crucial role in the health, growth, and productivity of Poultry. A balanced and nutritious diet is essential for maintaining optimal health and ensuring maximum output. Choosing the Pure Feed and managing its intake enhances the profit of the farmers and we are here to help with expert consultation and high-quality feed.

Cattle Feed

Cattle feed is essential feeding compounds that are required in sufficient quantities for the proper functioning of body of the animals. Feed can a vital impact in various sides, meat and dairy including metabolism, immunity and growth of the livestocks. Pure Feed Brand maybe one of your daily necessities for the cattle farm to earn more profit.

Fish Feed

Fish is one of the core sources of taking animal protein. Comparing fish calories and nutrition data can be tricky because the way you prepare your fish can change its nutritional makeup significantly. Pure Feed always emphasise to maintain the nutritional fact of fish so that the farmers can get the maximum productivity from their project.

Our Chairman

Assalamu Aalaiqum.

Dear all of my team members, customers and well wishers, accept my cordial greetings. Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. is a visionary platform which tries at utmost level to ensure the best quality products and services to the customers. In that perspective, I and my team are working hard tirelessly. I know that someday we will arrive at the peak of our mission. I do not know whether we will be at Cent percent successful or not, but I personally believe that we can bring a change in every sphere of traditional business through the operation of my young self motivated, enthusiastic and visionary team. Former PM of UK, Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is
the courage to continue that counts”. We will continue our ongoing efforts until the changes come into light. So, I want to suggest the challengers, never be worried, just work with honesty, be optimistic and go ahead with a dream. I expect the cooperation of all. Thanks

Our Leaderboards

Our company is committed to sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of our operations. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and prioritize the well-being of animals. Trust us to provide high-quality feed products that are produced with integrity and care.

Nasima Khatun

Managing Director

Our Mission

Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. started its business in the feed sector, but our long-term plan is not to get stuck in only this trade. Our extreme mission is to explore ourselves as an ideal group of companies in Bangladesh as early as possibly we can. We want to create such a business trend where the acquiring  of reputation is more focused than the earning of revenue so that a large number of graduated unemployed youth of Bangladesh attracts to join with us. To contribute in the challenge of decreasing unemployment problemand
simultaneously, to improve the standard of living of the businessman who are intermingled
with our business by expanding the more opportunities is one of the missions.

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