Who We Are

Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. is one of the fastest growing up and firmly promising to be one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. This business wing will be one of the most significant sister concerns when
this company will explore itself soon as a business conglomerate in Bangladesh.
Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. was established in 01 January, 2020. Though Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. started its journey since not so far past, it has already been able to make an impressive response in the feed industry of Bangladesh. Currently a total number of 320 above employees are working in the marketplace, office and factory. We have a highly capable Sales Team, HR & Admin, MIS & Audit, Call Centre, Accounts, Quality Control, Procurement and Production department.

What we Believe

The basic strength of Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. is the honesty, trust, quality and cooperation. We always believe in customer’s satisfaction through our qualitative business ideology. The primary goal of this company is to promote the pace of producing qualitative feed and decrease the shortage of supplying feed to the farmers. One of our objectives is to participate in the battle of reducing protein deficiency alongside the government. This Company always emphasizes on the importance to produce fresh meat for the consumers and in this purposes, we have been working since its inception

Speech of the Chairman


Dear all of my team members, customers and well wishers, accept my cordial greetings. Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. is a visionary platform which tries at utmost level to ensure the best quality products and services to the customers. In that perspective, I and my team are working hard tirelessly. I know that someday we will arrive at the peak of our mission. I do not know whether we will be at Cent percent successful or not, but I personally believe that we can bring a change in every sphere of traditional business through the operation of my young self-motivated, enthusiastic and visionary team. Former PM of UK, Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. We will continue our ongoing efforts until the changes come into light. So, I want to suggest the challengers, never be worried, just work with honesty, be optimistic and go ahead with a dream. I expect the cooperation of all.


Our Mission

Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. started its business in feed sector, but our long term planning is not to get stuck in only this trade. Our extreme mission is to explore ourselves as an ideal group of companies in Bangladesh as early as possibly we can. We want to create such a business trend where the acquiring of reputation is more focused than the earning of revenue so that the large number of graduated unemployed youth of Bangladesh attracts to join with us. To contribute in the challenge of decreasing unemployment problem  and simultaneously, to improve the standard of living of the businessman who are intermingled with our business by expanding the more opportunities is one of the missions.

Our Vision

Our immediate next plan is to involve in manufacturing food and beverage. Organic fertilizer, Tour and Travels, Trading Incorporation, Chicks, Seed/gm, flour mill, KD associates are the step by step planning. Recruiting unemployed people in these business concerns, we want to participate to alleviate unemployment problem from Bangladesh. Our extreme vision is to reach to the top as a premium class quality and service provider through our far reaching business policy. By 2025, we want to be positioned 25 to 30 in ranking among the local business conglomerates.


Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. has great professional manners for the employees. We have an attractive and friendly official environment. Safety for all is our core slogan in considering responsibilities. It has the up to date policies for the employee e.g. PF, health insurance, 3 bonus, incentives, Hajj Performing policy for employees who will pass consecutively 5 years in the company. We also manage education scholarship for the offspring of our staffs and partners who are in our business family. If any employee passes 15 years continuously in this Company, he will be benefited by getting an opportunity of accommodation funded by the company.

Our social Commitment

We believe in equity for all. We also want to work for the street children, uneducated and little educated people, disabled and all types of disadvantaged community.

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